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In 2007 I listed my favorite hiking blogs and outdoor websites.  It’s still one of my most visited posts so I decided to list my top outdoor and hiking blogs for 2010.  There’s no real science behind this list.  It’s just my opinion, but I do hope it helps you find a few great sites that will teach you new things and help you find a new adventure or two to pursue.

Two-Heel Drive is not only a great name for a blog, but also a great hiking site.  This was one of my favorites from 2007 that made the list again.  Blogger Tom Mangan was in California, but now resides in North Carolina where he writes about hiking the Southeast as well as DVD and gear reviews.

CampNPost is a great looking blog about “Southeastern backpacking, camping, climbing, hiking and snowboarding.”  If you are planning a hiking trip to North Georgia this is a good place to consult for trip reports.

I rated the Yosemite Blog as the best blog for Yosemite in 2007 and it’s still the best in 2010.  If you are planning a vacation or hiking trip to Yosemite check out this blog to get the latest news about Yosemite and the surrounding area.

Camping & Hiking Blog from Tripleblaze – This blog is a good place for hiking gear reviews and holds frequent contests.

Modern Hiker is a great blog for hiking news for the Los Angeles and Southern California area, but I’ve also seen post for Northern California.  Even if you never plan on hiking in California this blog is a great bookmark for all the links and resources alone.

For a good read check out Sierra Club’s hiking, biking, and paddling site and blog aptly named Trails.  Check out the segment from a family living in Yosemite for a year.

The Backcountry Blog is the blog for  Even though they sell gear they don’t overload their blog with pitches.  I love this blog and this company.  I’m such a big fan of that if I ever move to Utah I’m going to pester them for a job.  Even if it means sitting on their front porch every day until they start to feel sorry for me and bring me inside like a sad puppy.

The two blogs below are not solely hiking blogs but I love them so I’m including them here because I know you’ll love them too.

Dan Grec is driving his jeep from the top of Alaska to the tip of South America.  Along the way he’s posting some amazing pictures and highly interesting posts about the places he sees and the people he’s meeting.  I reviewed Dan’s blog a few months ago, but wanted to mention it again because this blog is a true gem.  I’m sure we’ll see a book from his adventure in a few years, but for those of us on the inside we can read about it in almost real time.

The Adventure Blog is a well run by the very accessible Kraig Becker.  He covers everything outdoor adventure related including destinations, expeditions, gear reviews, and outdoor electronics.  This blog will keep you updated on what’s happening in the expedition world and keep you motivated to find your own adventure.

If I left out your blog please send it to me and I might review it, or you can write a guest post to tell others about your favorite hike and your website.

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  1. Jared says:

    Thanks for the list. Modernhiker is great. Another good LA hiking blog is Nice Death Valley and Joshua Tree trails too.

  2. Thanks for posting about these other hiking blogs. If I may, I’ve started my own blog documenting my weekly hiking and snowshoeing in the mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah.

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