Rapid Response 3.00 Knife Gear Review

I recently tested a Rapid Response knife from Coast Products.  This is another small, but highly innovative company, producing high-quality headlamps, multi tools, lanterns, and knives.  The knife I tested was the Rapid Response 3.0 knife.  The first thing I noticed about this knife is the quality.  This is a knife you can drop down a big rock and it will still be fine.  The second feature I appreciated was the locking button on the handle that keeps the blade from closing on you while working.  As a kid I had a few folding knives close on my fingers that caused gushing cuts and since then I’ve been overly cautious with folding knives.  Thanks to Coast’s MAX-LOCK™ technology this isn’t a problem.   Now I can use a folding knife without fear of it closing over my fingers while performing a hard cut.

This knife also has a clip on the side that makes it easy to clip to your belt or gear so you don’t have to put it in your pocket.  I’ve found this better than using a sheath because it means less weight and bulk.  The clip also keeps me from having to bury the knife in a pocket on my pack when hiking. This is important to me as I don’t like bulk in my pockets or on my belt.   It’s great being able to quickly access the knife when needed.

All of these extra features are nice to have, but the most important part of a knife is the blade.  Since my first knife I’ve done the arm hair shave test (Is the knife sharp enough to shave arm hairs?), and this knife performed so well I probably could shave my face with the clean and sharp blade, although this isn’t recommended :)

Coast has other knives that are worth checking out like their hunting and outdoor use knives.  The outdoor use knives page has some cutting tools that will be of value to hikers and campers like the folding saw.

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